(Independent Individual Consulting Civil Engineer)
Certificates Membership Consultancy

Dr. Nitin Jhanwar
Civil Engineer -:- Visiting Professor

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Email : jhanwar.nitin@gmail.com : And : nitin.jhanwar@protonmail.com : Mobile : +919314624195 and +919462900144

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My Account No. for my fee is in ICICI Bank (India) savings account no 001201051488 (SWIFT CODE:: ICICINBBNRI)  (IFSC code::ICIC0000012)

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This account is linked to my Aadhaar number (Unique Identification Number )625151254206 .

My Address: 5A/09 & 5A/10,(PLOT NUMBER 5A AND FLAT NUMBERS 09 AND 10- Adjacent to CSWRI guesthouse cum  suboffice) , Indra Nagar,Tonk Road,Jaipur,Rajasthan; INDIA-302018